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Some interests conflict, while others coincide. We want to take each other’s money, but we also want a pleasant, smooth-running game. Depersonalizing conflicts helps you fight hard where your interests conflict, but cooperate on common interests

3. Use aggressive tactics only when they will improve your results, never just because you are upset.

Act aggressively only when it is in your interest, and never lose control of yourself. Monitor yourself, and constantly ask, Why did I do that? If you see that you’re acting emotionally, take a break or go home.

The Critical Questions

Review this chapter, especially the Winners’ Laws and How Do You Rate? sections. Then answer two questions:

1. What are the implications of my self-rating?

2. What should I do differently? List specific actions you should take to depersonalize poker conflicts.

Discuss your answers with someone you trust and take good notes.

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